On Dec 10, 2011 the master’s seminars of the Applied measurement science of the autumn semester 2011 were concluded. Most of the presentations were based on the master’s thesis topics of our students. As is typical for our interdisciplinary programme, the topics were truely diverse, ranging from food quality to neutron detection, from drug residues in environment to building a student satellite. Here is a short (and not exhaustive) list of the areas in which our students do their master’s projects:

  • Experimental realization of the generalized definition of pH value (so-called unified pH scale)
  • Developing novel ion sources for mass spectrometry (MS), allowing analysis of difficult samples with limited or no sample preparation and reducing the matrix effects in MS and LC-MS analysis
  • Measurement of the binding efficincy of synthetic molectlar receptors towards analytes of environmental and health concern
  • Developing a novel neutron detector for nuclear applications
  • Developing an ATR-FT-IR-based procedure for determination of inorganic pigments in paintings
  • Measurement of Radium in water by gamma spectrometry
  • Buliding the EstCube Student Satellite
  • etc, etc …
  • Should you have interest in any of these (or other) topics you are welcome to contact Ivo Leito.


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