On Saturday, Dec 15, 2012, the Autumn semester master’s seminar 2012 of the AMS programme was concluded with presentations from students.

Most of the presentations were based on the master’s thesis topics of our students. As is typical for our interdisciplinary programme, the topics were diverse, ranging from determination of radium in water to artificial molecular receptors, from universal pH scale to building a student satellite. Here is a short (and not exhaustive) list of the areas in which our students do their master’s projects:

  • Validation of analysis metod or Radium 226 in water
  • Study of Excitonic Energy Level Structure in Photosynthetic Antenna Complexes
  • Experimental realization of the generalized definition of pH value (so-called unified pH scale)
  • Measurement of the binding efficincy of synthetic molectlar receptors towards analytes of environmental and health concern
  • Developing an ATR-FT-IR-based procedure for quantitative analysis of materials usage in works of art
  • Building the EstCube Student Satellite
  • etc, etc …
  • Should you have interest in any of these (or other) topics you are welcome to contact Ivo Leito.

    Before the seminar, a questionnaire (anonymous) was distributed to the students addressing the AMS programme. The questions were about the usefulness of the programme in finding a job related to measurements or chemical analysis, about the general organization of the programme, quality of teaching, etc. The presentations were followed by a discussion of the responses. Many constructive comments and suggestions for improvements were received from the students.

    It is very pleasant, however, that the overall evaluation of the programme by the students was very high, both in terms of the quality of teaching and in terms of competitiveness of the graduates on the job market.


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