Career outlook

Antonio has a master’s degree in Applied Measurement Sciences from the University of Tartu. He works as a laboratory manager for AQ Lasertool, a metal manufacturing company in the automotive industry. Read more …

Sander Sannik, former AMS student: More than ever, I can now say that the Master programme – Applied Measurement Science – was 101% meant for me: I am “applying” measurement science now every day at my workplace. Read more...

Sander Sannik, AMS graduate: More than ever, I can now say that the Master programme – Applied Measurement Science – was 101% meant for me: I am “applying” measurement science now every day at my workplace. Read more…

During the recent years significant changes have been and still are taking place in the measurement, testing and chemical analysis community. Measurements are very important from legal and economy point of view. More and more legal acts are issued that concern measurements and tests. Fully functional quality system, accredited according to international standards (most often ISO/IEC 17025:2015 or GLP in the case of laboratories) is now a must in many activity areas (food, environmental, etc) where the laboratories are active. The changes have been rapid and up to now the education system has not been able to respond adequately to the needs of the measurement and testing community: there is serious shortage of people who are competent in measurements, testing or chemical analysis.


Hedi Rahnel, AMS Graduate: It was beneficial for me in the labour market – there are not many people who know both of these aspects simultaneously which makes an AMS graduate a valuable specialist… Read more…

Joshua Onyeka Osagu, AMS student, intake 2018: My internship with Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) was very insightful; having to test and validate portable XRF device for elemental analysis of woods, Extended Polystyrene materials and soil samples. This did not only avail me the privilege to translate theoretical knowledge into practical reality but also afforded me another opportunity to think independently, recognize and embrace more parameters and approaches to validation. It was worthwhile indeed!

Madis Juurma, AMS graduate: Participation in this programme has already influenced my life: I have got a very good job. And one of my coursemates has received several job
offers from Europe.

The Applied Measurement Science programme is meant to help in filling this gap by providing contemporary, practically oriented education in physical and chemical measurement science. It has been estimated that up to 50% of chemistry graduates (depending on country) work at different analysis or testing laboratories. These factors enable us to rate the employability of our graduates as very good. This estimate is well supported by the long list (see below) of positions that our graduates from the recent years are (or were) holding.

Our graduates are welcome at:

  • R&D departments of major companies
  • Chemical industry labs
  • Pharmaceutical industry labs
  • Health and environmental protection agencies
  • Food processing and manufacturing quality assurance labs
  • Certification, standardization and accreditation authorities
  • National Centers and Institutes of Metrology
  • Academic career and PhD studies

To get some idea, what positions our graduates from the recent years are (or were) holding, here is an incomplete list:

  • Head of laboratory at Eurofins Estonia (analytical services)
  • Head of the chemistry section at semiconductor company Clifton
  • Regulatory affairs manager at pharmaceutical company Olainfarm
  • Drug master file expert at pharmaceutical company Olainfarm
  • Chief specialist in drugs detection and identification at a Forensic Science Institute in Tallinn
  • Vice Technical Director at Applus Norcontrol
  • Assistant Director – Measurement Units, Standard and Service Department
  • Head of Mechatronics department at Vitrina University
  • CTO at LiftZee OÜ
  • Quality assurance specialist at pharmaceutical company Kevelt
  • Project manager at Hilti AG
  • QA Engineer at company SoftServe
  • Engineer at energy-efficient buildings design company PassiveHouse
  • Head of the Reference materials and calibrations section at Agricultural Research Centre in Saku
  • Engineer at Tartu observatory
  • Industrial analytical chemist in San Francisco
  • Chief specialist in the quality infrastructure service at Estonian Ministry of Economic affairs and Communications
  • A number of our graduates are doctoral students in different areas of physics, chemistry and materials science