Today (June 04, 2019) 4 AMS master students successfully defended their master’s theses.

Congratulations to all of you!

Photo on the left, from left to right: Huy Qui Vinh Nguyen, Ismail Sarigül, Mahvish Faisal and Nguyen Kim Ngan Bui.

As is usual for the AMS programme the topics of the theses were diverse ranging from analytical chemistry to molecular biology and from organic synthesis to applied electrochemistry. The full list of the defenders and their thesis titles is below. This list demonstrates well the ubiquitous nature of measurement science. The scientific/technological quality of the theses was high: all students got either “A” or “B”.


Full list of students and thesis topics:

  • Nguyen Kim Ngan Bui, Determination of Amino Acids in Bee Products by Diethyl ethoxymethylenemalonate Derivatization Using LC-ESI-MS/MS
  • Mahvish Faisal, Isosorbide-Based Monomers and Novel Stiff Biobased Polymer
  • Huy Qui Vinh Nguyen, Oxygen Reduction on Platinum Nanoparticles Deposited onto Chromium Carbide-Derived Carbon Support
  • Ismail Sarigül, Functional Interactions of Metalloprotein YbeY, Involved in Ribosomal Metabolism, with the Putative Metal Efflux Protein YbeX


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