EACH_Qualifying_Applications_2015_by_CountryLast week the check of eligibility and ranking of the EACH applications was completed and Thursday-Friday the admission notifications were sent out to all eligible candidates.

We are glad to announce that there were altogether 46 qualifying applications, which were ranked based on the average grade of the previous study level and on the contents of the motivation letter (as is explained in the EACH admission page). 13 EU scholarships were offered (ten to partner country applicants and three to programme country applicants). The remaining qualifying applicants were offered either a tuition waiver scholarship a fee-based study place, based on their position in the ranking list. The coverage of the scholarships is explained in the EACH Scholarships page.

Most probably not all applicants who were awarded the EU scholarship will accept the study place, therefore it is still possible that the applicants who are topmost in the list of tuition waiver scholarship awardees will receive the EU scholarship (in principle, all qualifying candidates are in the “reserve list” for the EU scholarship). In order to proceed with the admission process it is requested that all applicants who received admission notification will inform us of their decision as soon as possible and in any case not later than on March 23, 2015.

We thank all the applicants for their interest in the EACH programme and we hope that those who will start their studies in EACH will have a useful and enjoyable study experience!


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