LogoWe are glad to announce that registration for the EcoBalt 2016 conference has been officially opened today! Please see the address http://vana.akki.ut.ee/ecobalt-2016

The First Circular contains all the important information and is available from the above page.

EcoBalt 2016 is an international research conference that will address all scientific and technological developments in the field of environment and its protection: air, water, soil, contamination assessment and options for its reduction, environmentally friendly technologies and products, recycling, biodiversity, environmental education, etc. The conference will be held on 9.-12. October 2016 in Tartu, Estonia, in the Dorpat conference centre.

EcoBalt 2016 is organised by the Estonian Center of Analytical Chemistry. You are welcome to contact us (Dr. Riin Rebane, riin.rebane@ut.ee) with any questions or requests that you have.


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