During May 19-21, 2014 the Eurachem Workshop on Quality in Analytical Measurements is taking place in Lisbon (Portugal). The workshop covers all main issues in ensuring the quality of analytical results, ranging from traceability to validation and from measurement uncertainty to routine quality assurance in laboratories.

Ivo Leito from University of Tartu participated in the session dedicated to bias evaluation and proficiency testing. He initiated and moderated a discussion around the issues in evaluation of bias/recovery. The discussion slides are available from here. The slides are composed so that they have questions and blanks and these questions are answered and blanks are filled in with the help of the audience.

You are welcome to test your understanding of the bias issues by trying to fill in the blanks and answer the questions. You can then test your understanding by downloading the slides with answers solutions. Please contact Ivo Leito if you have any questions.



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