The EU EACEA has made the decision to select for funding the Erasmus+ (formerly known as Erasmus Mundus) International Joint Master Degree (JMD) programme Excellence in Analytical CHemistry (EACH), which will be launched in 2015 by a consortium led by the University of Tartu.

The Erasmus+ JMD (formerly known as Erasmus Mundus) is a scheme of Joint European study programmes aiming to include the best that Europe has to offer in higher education. The scheme is prestigious and therefore highly competitive: the success of the EACH programme this year came after three preceding proposals were turned down.

The EACH programme will be   delivered by 4 full partners – University of Tartu, Uppsala University (UU), University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) and Åbo Akademi University (AAU) – as well as 26 associated partners – industries, laboratories and universities. The associated university partners are from Europe, Asia and North America.

Student mobility is an essential part of the programme. The study tracks are pictured in the image on the left. The students spend their first study year at UT learning the fundamentals of analytical chemistry (including the mainstream practical skills for working in an analytical laboratory), analytical quality and metrology in chemistry as well as the socio-economic aspects of analytical chemistry. This will be done on the basis of the modules of the Applied Measurement Science programme. The second study year is specialisation-oriented and is spent either at UU, UCBL or AAU. Each of these universities is strong in one of the branches of applied analytical chemistry:
– UU: Organic and bio-analysis, separation methods and mass spectrometry, especially as applied to biological objects.
– UCBL: Industrial analytical chemistry and process control.
– AAU: Electrochemical sensors, electroanalytical chemistry, advanced analytical devices.

The studies are made more real-life oriented by internship placement in an industry or a laboratory. In order to teach advanced and frontier topics of analytical chemistry the programme includes a winter school, where such topics are lectured by invited scholars from associated partners and other institutions.

Please see the EACH Website for more information.


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