The MSC Summer school finished on Jul 27, 2012. Kristjan Haav, one of the participants (from the AMS programme, University of Tartu) shared his impressions.

Ivo: What would you single out as the top experiences in the summer school?

Kristjan: From the professional viewpoint it was the experience of being the leader of our team “Magus Jook Laboratory” in the Student contest. I was elected leader by our group because it turned out that I had somewhat deeper knowledge about analytical chemistry than my groupmates. I had no similar leadership experience prior to the summer school and managing the work of an international group was quite a challenge. Eventually it worked out quite well – our team got 24 points out of 25 for the student contest. From entertainment point of view the top experience was certainly the surfing day on the ocean coast.

Ivo: OK! So, I understand that the knowledge and skills that you have obtained from the first year of AMS were sufficient for participating in the Summer school?

Kristjan: Yes. It was actually quite pleasant realize how many valuable things we have learned.

Ivo: What is your overall impression of the summer school?

Kristjan: It was much more challenging and exhaustive than I thought. It was two weeks of serious studying, both in theory and in practice. And it is not over yet – we still have homework to complete. I would say that especially the practical assignments at the Summer school were very interesting and useful.


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