Yesterday (on July 31, 2010) the closing ceremony of the MSC Summer School 2010 took place in Lepanina (Estonia). Results of the learning evaluation and student game were presented and certificates were awarded to the participants.

Traditionally the summer school featured a game-contest of student teams (laboratories) with the task to carry out determination of food dyes in syrup for a fictional company called “SweetDrink”. The task was a complex one. It included discussion with the customer on their needs and requirements, developing analytical procedure, validating and documenting it, calibrating the photometer, carrying out the actual determination, making analytical report for the customer and finally defending all that in front of a panel composed of customer representatives and “nasty” teachers. The game this year was won by team called “InterLab” (Heidi Pyhtil√§, Katarzyna Sidoruk, Roman Kranvogl, Daniel Silveira), see picture on the right. Their results beautifully agreed with the reference values and had realistic uncertainty estimates. They also beat all others in the ability to answer questions and explain their work. In the picture on the left some of the team members demonstrate their lab skills.

We hope that the summer school was on one hand professionally useful for all participating students and on the other hand also fun and interesting international experience: students from altogether nine countries participated in the summer school (Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, France, Finland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Thailand). The next MSC Summer School will take place in July-August 2011 in Poznan (Poland).

All available pictures (including ones from Tavo and Petko) have now been uploaded to the MSC Summer School 2010 Picasaweb album. Altogether 355 pictures! Nevertheless, all participants are warmly welcome to send me (or publish on Facebook, etc) nice pictures that they have from the summer school.

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