On Monday, July 19, 2010 the third Measurement Science in Chemistry International Summer School started at the coast of the Baltic Sea in Lepanina (Pärnumaa, Estonia). There are students from nine countries (Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia, France, Portugal, Finland, Thailand, Croatia). The summer school covers a wide-ranging list of topics: Validation of chemical analysis procedures, Basic statistics, Statistical basis of calibration, Traceability in chemical analysis, Alternative Approaches for the Quantification of Measurement Uncertainty, ISO 17025, Accreditation visit to real lab, Sampling and sample preparation in food and environmental analysis, Customer-analyst interactions,
Importance of reliable measurements to implement EU legislation.

Strong emphasis is put on interactive learning, group works and learning by role play. Some flavor of the summer school can be got from the pictures (via Picasaweb). This picture gallery will be updated as the summer school progresses.

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  1. JF Gal says:

    Greetings to the participants.
    Estonia and Tartu University are great places, not only for studies…
    Cordiales salutations aux étudiants français.
    JF Gal

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