On May 09, 2024 the on-line course (MOOC) Estimation of measurement uncertainty in chemical analysis offered by the University of Tartu finished successfully.

Eventually altogether 1047 people registered from 104 countries. 655 participants actually started the course (i.e., tried at least one graded test at least once). The overall completion rate was 38%. The participation rate was this year 63%. The completion rate of the participants who started the studies was 61%, with 398 successfully finished participants. This result is quite stable during the 11 runs, showing also a small improving tendency compared to years after the COVID pandemic. This result can be considered good for a MOOC, especially for one that has quite difficult calculation exercises, which need to be done correctly with limited number of attempts for completing the course. All statistics during the 11 years can be found in the table below.

The participants were very active and asked lots of questions. The questions were often very much to the point and addressed things that are really important to analysts in their everyday work. The course has several forums (general and by topic), and during the course period, the overall number of forum posts was around 300 (!) (overall number of posts, both from participants and from teachers) and the forums are still active and posts are still coming in.

We want to thank all participants for helping to make this course a success!

We plan to repeat this course again in Spring 2025 with a new breath in the course appearance!

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