Martin_Vilbaste_defending_his_PhD_DissertationOn Thursday, Jan 29, 2015 the defence of PhD thesis Uncertainty sources and analysis methods in realizing SI units of air humidity in Estonia prepared by Martin Vilbaste took place (photo on the left). The thesis is focused on several potential measurement uncertainty sources in air humidity measurement and on expressing the measurement results. Besides being important to metrology worldwide (as evidenced by a paper in the leading metrology journal Metrologia in the thesis), this thesis is very important for the Estonian national metrology infrastructure of air humidity in particular and more broadly – to the metrology of air parameters (temperature, humidity, air flow velocity).

The defence was very successful. Martin Vilbaste is since several years the leading expert in air humidity measurements in Estonia (photo on the right presents him working with a climatic chamber) and the defence looked more like friendly discussion between experts.

Martin is routinely teaching metrology (both theory and practice) to Applied Measurement Science students. Our warm congratulatins to him!



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