Compilation containing the full set of lecture slides of the Measurement Science in Chemistry (MSC) Summer School 2010 is now available for download in the Summer school section of the MSC web page ( These lecture materials in a compact way adderss most of the topics of measurement science in chemistry (metrology in chemistry).

The mission of the MSC consortium is to contribute to radical improvement of the education level of analytical chemistry worldwide. An obvious way of doing this is by sharing teaching materials. We encourage all those interested in teaching quality and measurement science (metrology) aspects of analytical chemistry to study this compilation and use the ideas and approaches found here in their own teaching work.

The slides in this compilation should not be (and actually cannot be, because they have provided as handouts) directly copied: every lecturer should prepare his/her own slides. However, all the knowledge and ideas presented in the compilation are freely available for use.

We most strongly welcome any feedback on these materials. On one hand, readers may have comments that allow us to improve the way we teach. On the other hand, for seriously interested teachers we will consider providing more materials, such as worked examples, calculation spreadsheets, discussion materials, etc, which have not been included into this compilation.

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