Francis in Chemicum

As the new academic year comes closer, incoming 2nd year students reminisced about their days in Chemicum where most of their classes in Tartu for their first year of studies were held:

Francis: A tapestry of recollections has been bound into the fabric of my life in Chemicum. Many treasured memories stand out as vivid strands of nostalgia, including but not limited to the lovely Christmas tree building, the insightful lectures, the anxious but fulfilling presentations and free times with colleagues.

The construction of Christmas trees was a collaborative design that was more than just decorating a tree. As I took a step back to survey our collective creation, which was adorned with ornaments made of dreams and memories, I experienced the sense of togetherness that the season can provide.

Master’s Seminars and presentations were eagerly anticipated occasions that brought us together outside classes and practical sessions. I can still clearly remember the excitement leading up to my first presentation in Room 1020. As we gathered in the auditorium, colleagues and I exchanged anxious glances, before the presentation I greeted in Famous Professor Ivo expression. As evidence of the strength of knowledge-sharing and collaborative learning, the audience’s encouragement, their attentive faces, questions, and the cheers at the conclusion are imprinted in my memory.

In addition, I spent some of my free time in the computerized Chemicum Library or discussing with my colleagues and friends in the cafeteria before some classes. I can see from these memories that Chemicum was more than just a physical building; it also served as an arena for connections, learning, and personal development.

Mauricio working in a lab of Chemicum

Mauricio: I found the time completely enriching academically and personally. The lectures, seminars and hands-on experience in the lab were insightful, practical and challenging. The halls’ lectures were clean and comfortable. All the people inside the building are really helpful and would give you all the guidance you might need. This is also true in other buildings of the university.

Angelo: Aside from the lecture halls and the teaching laboratories, the cafeteria in Chemicum was the place where we got to know each other better as we bonded over food. After classes and while waiting in between classes, my classmates and I would have lunch together in the cafeteria. Some of us brought home-cooked meals while some bought from the cafeteria. We got a taste of everything as we tried out each other’s meals. In the cafeteria, we shared not just food but also laughter, stories, and flavors of our personalities. Every time spent in the cafeteria was a chance for us to get to know how different we are from each other since we come from different cultures. Nevertheless, we complemented each other like ingredients of a good food.

Angelo (on the left) with other EACH and AMS students in front of Chemicum


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