Meet our teachers!

Ivo Leito

Ivo Leito: “Metrology lies in the core of all correct measurements, both physical and chemical. Metrological approach is increasingly required from laboratories by international standards and conventions.”

Courses: Metrology in Chemistry, Master’s seminar, practical chemical analysis

Lectures online: If you wish to get an idea what Ivo’s teaching is like, please visit the online course Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty in Chemical Analysis

Other activities: Programme director (contact)

Koit Herodes

Koit Herodes: “Within the past 10 years the whole area of trace contaminant (pesticides, drug residues, toxicants, etc) detection has been
revolutionized by the development of new measurement instrumentation. I am
glad that we have been able to keep pace with these developments.”

Courses: Practical Chemical Analysis


Mart Noorma

Mart Noorma

Mart Noorma: Initiator and scientific mentor of the ESTCube project, vice dean of studies of UT Faculty of Science and Technology.

Courses: Quality Management

Anneli Kruve

Anneli Kruve: “It’s a beautiful world!”

Courses: Master’s seminar, Practical chemical analysis

Ivari Kaljurand

Ivari Kaljurand

Ivari Kaljurand: “Understanding how do the modern analytical instrumentation works will help to take out best from these.”

Courses: Practical Works in Chemical Analysis and Metrology

Lauri Jalukse

Lauri Jalukse: “It is fascinating, how versatile and elegant is the world of electrochemical measurements!”.

Courses: Metrology in Chemistry

Picture: Lauri Jalukse doing validation of coulonometric Karl Fischer titrator. This is a technique for measuring water content in different samples, such as oils, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Siiri Velling

Siiri Velling: “Introduction along with thorough examination of the diverse world of
chemical and ecotoxicologycal methods of analysis of complex and
heterogeneous environmental samples.”

Courses: Measurements and Environment

Hans Korge

Hans Korge: “Measure thrice before you drink (originaalis: cut) once!”.

Courses: Measurement Data Processing

Indrek Tulp

Indrek Tulp: “Multivariate data analysis in chemometrics requires a wide-ranging explanation!”.

Courses: Chemometrics

Martin Vilbaste

Martin Vilbaste: “Unreliable measurements and calibrations are just a waste of resources. Physical measurements and calibrations are probably the simplest among other kinds of measurements on metrologists’ point of view. In such a sense these are very educative.”.

Courses: Practical Works on Physical Measurement and Calibration

Erko Jakobson

Erko Jakobson: “Installation of radiometer mast in Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen, world’s northernmost (78°55′N) functional public settlement. Measurements
without correct measurement data processing would be just waste of time”

Courses: Measurement data processing

Riho Vendt

Riho Vendt: “We need reliable measurement results, don’t we? Try, and see the impact of metrology.”

Courses: Fundamentals of Metrology

Alan Tkaczyk

Alan Tkaczyk: “Accurate measurements are essential to guarantee safety at nuclear facilities.”

Courses: Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Reactor Physics