It is a pleasure to announce that the admission period is again open for the Applied Measurement Science master’s programme!

It is a programme in a field where there is a serious shortage of competent people all over the world. The reason is that the importance of measurements, tests and chemical analyses is constantly increasing. It has recently been claimed, and rightly so, that we are living in a Golden Age of Measurement Science!

It is also the pleasure to let you know that this is the 10th full admission cycle of the AMS programme! Ten years is sufficiently long time to take a brief look back.

During the ten years altogether 55 people have successfully graduated from the AMS programme. Our graduates are enjoying a variety of interesting careers: setting up a contract analytical laboratory, redefining the way people interpret and measure pH, developing new ion sources for mass spectrometry, working as vice-director at National Measurement Institute, Managing IT Infrastructure projects, etc. A longer list of positions held by AMS alumni can be seen in the AMS Career Outlook page.

We have every reason to believe that the row of exciting achievements will continue and we wish you all the success in applying to the programme!

Admission will be open until Mar 15, 2018.


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