Alda Andersone from Latvia defended her master thesis on June 11, 2012. The title of the thesis was “The stereoselective synthesis of 2,2,5-trisubstituted tetrahydrofurans, oriented to the preparation of lilac aldehydes and alcohols”.

The thesis was awarded the highest mark “A”. Alda talks about the thesis: “I prepared my master’s thesis in the organic chemistry field. The main goal of my work was to find out the best synthesis scheme to synthesize as pure as possible stereoisomers of 2,2,5-trisubstituted tetrahydrofurans. Main goal was achieved, 98% enantiomerically pure 2,2,5-THF enantiomer was synthesized”.

Here are some of Alda’s comments about University of Tartu and the AMS programme:

University of Tartu provided me with rich knowledge in theoretical and practical base. We had lots of practical trainings and interesting and useful information in lectures. And it was very useful that some information was overlapping between lectures – great possibility to repeat material.

During study time I was working in the UT Institute of Technology in organic chemistry laboratory. And I would like to thank PhD Lauri Vares for accepting me in his research group. During master’s thesis work up time I was supervised by Ilme Liblikas, the best supervisor I ever had. Thank You, Ilme!

Leaving University of Tartu with master’s degree in my pocket I feel much richer – I had a great opportunity to study in international programme, improve my English and make lots of new friends from different countries all over the world.

I would like to thank prof. Ivo Leito for being such a great leader, and University of Tartu over all for hosting me.

In the future I am definitely planning to use my knowledge in Chemistry and Applied Measurement Science. And probably at some point I will get PhD.



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