Hanno Evard defended his master thesis on June 11, 2012. The title of the thesis was “Study of paperspray ionization and its possible applications”.
The thesis was awarded the highest mark “A”. Hanno talks about the thesis: “My master thesis topic was about studying a new ionization method for mass spectrometry – Paperspray Ionization. In the course of the study I got the possibility to work with different mass spectrometers including an FT ICR mass spectrometer. As it was the first time in University of Tartu to study this ionization method the work was very complicated. However with the help of my supervisor and other staff in the Chair of Analytical Chemistry the working was easy and fun. I found in the course of the thesis that the new method can be used to obtain information about composition of papers and to identify pesticides from citrus fruits bought from a supermarket. I will be working further with Paperspray Ionization in the course of my doctoral studies”.

Here are some of Hanno’s comments about University of Tartu and the AMS programme:
The past two years while studying in the Applied Measurement Science programme have been very interesting and fun. University of Tartu gives a wide field of education and strong practical experience on the studied subject. The teachers are friendly and ready to help with any problems that students might have. Moreover they are at the top of their fields and therefore the most qualified to teach the subjects. The laboratories and lecture halls are new and well equipped. Students have the possibility to use and study complex and expensive equipment. The programme gives you a good opportunity to meet people from all around the world.



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