Antonio Semakalu from Uganda defended his master thesis on February 28, 2012. The title of the thesis was “Gammmaspectrometrical Measurement of Radium Content in Water – Validation of Analysis Procedure”.

The thesis is remarkable not only because it was awarded the highest mark “A”, but also because it was defended three months (!) in advance of the deadline. Antonio talks about the thesis: “It will be applied in research and in environmental and nuclear labs for studies and decisions making in environmental control”. One of Antonio’s supervisors Siiri Suursoo says: “Antonio did a huge work and significantly advanced our lab’s measurement capability in this area. We are very happy about this thesis.”

Here are some of Antonio’s comments about Tartu, the AMS programme and his future plans:

— Impression about the training at UT:

“The major impressions I have are; Flexibility, Equipments and Environmental location. Training here allows flexibility in what you study. It gives you an opportunity to do any and as many courses you may want to do in any department without any obstacles (you just register it and do it). This has helped me to acquire many and different skill at one single study time. I managed to get knowledge from economics, chemistry and physics departments. The university has got all what you need to complete your course. All Equipments and every resource you may need are available. It location really has given me maximum concentration on my studies and students life has been fantastic. The people around the city and the students in the town really make one feel the university life”.

—Future Plans:

“Am now looking forward to do my research PhD in either nuclear studies or chemistry. Hopefully this can lead me to IAEA or professorship and research”.

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  1. Date 24.05.2013

    Congratulation for this achievement. In spite of the paradox of Uganda being nicknamed the Perle of Africa, but still lagging in almost all the Basic knowledge spheres, we still endeavour to produce high calibre scientists like you. The worst part of our dialemma is that the intruding lot back at home a rogues from outside the Ugandan boarder who have infringed on to our Basic resources and rights. We are the core of future Progressive force to be reckoned with, for that matter no one can take away your knowledge regardless how dectetorial his criminal mind might be.
    I am based in Germany and have acquired and accumulated knwhow and knoledge in measurement and sensors. I do programm scintific knowledge based embedded Systems of all kinds. LABVIEW, MATLAB, FLEXPRO, TAYLORLEX etc. might round up the Basis of my working media. The Topic you did has already a direct and foundamental application for the Ugandan Oil industry. They do pull out of the Albertine Rocks to prospect for Oil. All along they simply deposited the raw rock materials on the surface and around the natural Habitat of the wild animals in the national parks. This material has Radio active substances that is poisoning the undergroung
    d drinking water for both animals and the People. Find out if you might be tasked to carry out a Research on the issue. If need be we can create a Joint venture and try to alleviate and Arrest the Situation before it is too late for the Environment. Send a direct request to the top man himself not to the Minister because most of the People there are snister figures ready to destroy life as well.

    Once mor cogratulations. I was trying to locate a one Professor Ssemakalu an Agronomist who was recently based in South Africa. But he recently relocated back to Uganda. Do you happen to know him? I will still Need to connect up with him!

    Find me on SKYPE as “ssekanyolya1”

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