Tuition fees, scholarships

Ülle Tensing, head of the international student service: At the moment all the AMS students get the tuition waiver scholarship and ca 50% of them get some kind of monthly stipend.

Altogether 10 study places are available for 2020 intake: 2 tuition-waiver study places for non-EU applicants and 8 tuition fee based study places.

Top-ranked students admitted to the full-time study places of this master’s program and performing well will receive a tuition waiving scholarship (i.e. they do not pay tuition fees). What does “performing well” mean? This means that at the end of semesters 1-3 you must have a number of credit points that corresponds to the nominal number of ECTS minus 6, i.e.: by the end of the 1st semester you have to have 24 ECTS as a minimum (the nominal is 30); by the end of the 2nd semester you have to have 54 ECTS as a minimum (the nominal is 60) and by the end of the 3rd semester you have to have 84 ECTS (the nominal is 90). By the end of the 4th semester, however, in order to graduate, you have to have 120 ECTS (which also corresponds to the nominal number of ECTS of the programme).

Those, who have more than 6 ECTS missing from the nominal number of credits, have to pay tuition fee of 100 EUR per missing credit point. Earlier years have shown that most international students of our programme complete full time study load. Please see the detailed tuition-waiver rules for more information. If the number of applicants is much larger than the number of full-time study places then additional study places may be created, but those will be fee-based study places. Altogether 10 students will be accepted this year.

Regular programme fee for 2020 intake is 5000 EUR/year and covers tuition, teaching materials, supervision and advising of thesis preparation.

Programme offers the following scholarships and stipends:

  1. A number of tuition waiver scholarships are offered that cover full tuition fee for two years of the programme (5000 EUR/year). These scholarships will be awarded to the best (academically) applicants based on results of their previous studies. This scholarship means that you do not pay tuition fee if you complete the full-time study load (see above). It does not mean that you will get any extra money. You do not need to apply for it. All admitted students are automatically considered as applying for the tuition waiver scholarships.
  2. Estonian Governmental Scholarships (up to 350 EUR/month). See for full information. (there will be no call for 2019/2020)
  3. Dora Plus grant for Master`s students: Dora Plus Sub-Action 2.1 Support for international master`s students.
  4. Students can get the Estonian Research Council stipends (up to 300 EUR/month) if they are linked to a research group (as most students are, for making their master’s thesis).
    You do not need to apply for these stipends in the sense of a formal application procedure. What you do: you talk to your supervisor/research group leader and if he/she has the research grant then the decision is in his/her hands, both in terms of actual amount and in terms of the period during which you get the stipend (we do not have an overview of who exactly gets this stipend, since the management and decision-making is in the hands of the research group leaders). The research groups will be introduced to you as soon as you arrive to Tartu.
  5. Information about some other scholarships is available here.