EACH_Webinar_Jan_2015On Jan 14, 2015 a Webinar took place for the EACH student candidates who either have submitted their applications or are in the process of preparing their application. The central aim of the webinar was to give a short overview of the EACH programme (the programme structure, the study tracks, the people, as well as the career possibilities after completing the programme) and the most frequent issues that we have been contacted with, as well as to answer any questions the Webinar participants may have. There were altogether 47 participants and a large number of questions were asked.

If you are interested in the webinar but were not able to participate, do not worry: the webinar has been recorded and can be watched at YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tJJfypgXi0

The webinar slides are available from here: EACH Webinar Slides.



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