Measurements must be considered in the broadest sense and have very many applications:

  • toxic metals in drinking water;
  • cholesterol level in blood;
  • strength of construction materials;
  • protein content in wheat;
  • octane number of gasoline

Importance of measurements is enormous for economy, society, medical sciences and much more:

  • 40% of the EU directives involve measurements
  • Critical economical, social, medical decisions are based on results of measurements
  • Estimated direct annual spending on measurements alone is 80 billion EUR or 1% of the GDP in Europe
  • Wrong measurements can have major consequences: direct (loss of profit, death of patient, failure of equipment, etc.) and indirect (incorrect environment protection measures, inefficient business plans, etc).

Here is only one of many practical examples: BSE (mad cow disease)

  • Constant monitoring is necessary: it is critical to test and isolate BSE-positive animals
  • 170 000 BSE tests per week! are done around Europe for monitoring the disease

The key to business success, healthier foods, cleaner and better environment, more reliable medicines is in having educated workers and managers in laboratories.
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