Mark Dennis Retrato (on the left) and Svante Pääbo (in the middle)

Every year the Chemical Society in Uppsala recognizes the best degree projects in chemistry. This year, the Grand Award was rewarded to Siyuan Qui for his 2022 Master’s thesis. His supervisor Mark Dennis Retrato (an EACH 2020 alumnus), accepted the award at a memorable ceremony on the 13th of December.

The award was handed over by the 2022 Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine, professor Svante Pääbo (an Uppsala University alumnus). This award has been announced for many years by the Society (that started in 1927) after nominations and votings, and the student is presented with a diploma and a prize sum. Both the supervisor(s) and the student are also invited to the dinner with the Nobel laureates at the Uppsala Castle the same day.

Mark Dennis Retrato (on the left) and Svante Pääbo (on the right)

The title of this year’s selected Master’s thesis was  “Determination of fatty acids in lipid samples by gas chromatography coupled with single quadrupole mass spectrometry”.

Mark Dennis: “I am grateful for my student Siyuan Qiu, big congratulations for working in this project together. You really deserve this prize and recognition! I wish to thank my own supervisors as well: Jonas, Anna, Kumari, and Aida. This is for all of us involved in the project.

I want to thank the Swedish Chemical Society and Uppsala University for the recognition. More importantly, I wish to thank the Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine in 2022, Svante Pääbo. You are indeed a great inspiration for me and more people.”



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