This week a joint project will finish between University of Tartu and the German National Metrology Institute (PTB – Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) on providing training in Metrology in Chemistry for Indian analytical chemists. In the framework of this collabortion Ivo Leito carried out three one-week training sessions in different parts of India (Lucknow, Mysore and Nagpur). Altogether more tha 60 analytical chemists from different sectors (food, environment, industrial analysis, etc) were trained. Picture on the left is from the last training session carried out in October 2011 at National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (Nagpur).

The training sessions were based on the course Metrology in Chemistry, which is one of the core courses of the Applied Measurement Science (AMS) programme, and covers all the main concepts and topics of Metrology in Chemistry. The training sessions contained both lectures and also practical examples on usage of the acquired knowledge. Selected course materials are available at the above address under the link “See study materials”. If you are more deeply interested in the content of the course or the AMS programme, you are welcome to contact Ivo Leito.



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